Fonterra Lichfield

As part of an approximate $300 million expansion project at Fonterra’s Lichfield site Trade Mark Design were contracted to assist with the active fire protection systems.

Trade Mark Design’s role in the project was to oversee the fire protection aspects of the project which included:

Site wide overview of all fire protection systems and development of the project basis of design for site wide fire protection.

  • Design and specification of a new site wide fire water main and interfacing with the existing.
  • Design and specification of a new large capacity primary and secondary water supply.
  • Design and specification to modify and interface to the existing site fire systems to allow them to be integrated into the new infrastructure without unnecessary disruption to services.
  • Review and construction monitoring of all fire protection works on existing system and for all new fire protection systems installed across the expansion project.
  • Management of the compliance process to ensure that the installed systems achieved certification.